News 4-27-07 Property Movement Downtown

* The parcel (011-450-12) that lies just east of the fire station on 2nd St which is part of the Freight House proposal by the Siena folks, just sold (as of 4/9/07) to an entity called Freight House District LLC with a mailing address in Ventura, CA. Since the Thoma Lofts property is also owned by an LLC with a Ventura address (different one) I suspect that the Siena folks have indeed bought that privately owned parcel and that they are probably still on track to do the Freight House deal with the city.
* The investor group that purchased the old Woolworth bldg last November along with some riverfront parcels by the little park north of the police station) have now purchased the building to the north of Woolworth (parcel 011-061-07) that faces Virginia and currently houses a jewelry/ collectibles store. Wonder what they are up to?
* Also, another investor group has quietly been acquiring properties north of 5th Street between Lake and Virginia. I don't want to say which properties exactly because I don't want to jinx their plans, but if you go look at a parcel map you'll see what I am talking about.

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Posted by: sharkjack - 4/28/2007 7:17:08 PM
Take a look at that little jewelery shop's fascade under the marquis. Purple terra cotta deco! WAY cool. Probably to be torn down for what ever the Woolwoth property has underway. The Michalangio? I did stroll NVA and take a look at what is under all the glitz and crust. Generally not a lot that is interesting or worth restoring. Too bad. MLS shows 23 Palladio units on the market, with only 1 under contract. Pretty iffy spin from the developer. I like the Montage's loft units. But it looks to me like there are a lot of "oops" when they found out what was really behind the facade.