News 5-8-07 Waterfront Tidbit - Moving Forward?

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Posted by: IA - 5/9/2007 9:28:06 AM
good to hear, thanks for the info. It would seem to me that the developers and city would be a little more inclined to keep the public informed on these projects. After all the goal is to sell the units and I dont think potential owners and investors are going to line up when they dont know whether a project is stalled out, ready to break ground, or just a pipe dream. I love the Wingfield towers and Waterfront projects,I'm ready to grab my shovel and hammer to help if it would finally get these projects going. Any update on the GSR, if this project comes anywhere close to its plans it could really be a huge shot of B12 into the arm of Reno. Reno is such a great place and I feel these 3 projects could make Reno awesome. Make it happen Reno!!! P.S. DMD, you do a fantastic job!! These developers should kick a bit back to you as you drum up excitement better than anyone else. (you should ask UNR athletics for a job because they do much worse when it comes to creating excitement) Would love to see more photos from your walks about town

Posted by: Brian - 5/9/2007 5:22:43 PM
Great enticing news!!! Thanks so much Downtown makeover. From my past understanding this project was being revised to fit into the developers budget. Do you know if this is correct? This project has a better design then the Wingfield towers, I think i am trying to say more sophisticated and advanced. i am a fan of the Wingfield towers as well, don't get me wrong. Both these projects together will pack a serious punch to downtown,the King and the Queen of Reno. Thanks again for your informative website.