News 5-16-07 Upcoming Council Meeting Highlights

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Posted by: Justin - 5/16/2007 2:18:40 PM
I only glanced over the agenda, but I don't see anything pertaining to any motel biting the dust. The Funny Bone Comedy Club is located inside the Sands at 345 N. Arlington Avenue. On a somwhat related side note, Fuzio Universal Pasta recently opened up inside the Sands. I've been to their S.F. location a couple times....they have pretty good food if you like Pasta(Italian/Asian fusion cuisine).

Posted by: Mike Van H - 5/16/2007 6:21:17 PM
Hi Justin, its J.16 Staff Report: Authorization to acquire property ($700,000) at 705 North Virginia Street, Savoy Motel, as part of the City of Reno Downtown Beautification (Gateways) Priority Projects. I remember reading somewhere they were pondering a giant 50 foot tall half-open book as gateway art for UNR and it was being considered for the location above. Regarding Funny Bone, never knew it was in there, I love Comedy Clubs will have to go check out (they need better marketing).