News 5-28-07 Downtown Walk 5-28-07


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Posted by: Bugsy - 5/29/2007 9:50:33 AM
Happy Memorial day. God bless our Troops.

Posted by: Justin - 5/30/2007 7:53:19 AM
It's always nice visiting your site Mike. I must say your enthusiasm is infectious. I was downtown the weekend before last and was amazed at the amount of people walking around. The wait times at Imperial and Silver Peak, even during off-peak hours, is getting ridiculous though (good news for them!). On a side note, have you heard anything more about the shopping center on 1st & Sierra (across from Silver Peak)? I'm really looking forward to seeing what the new owners do w/ the place. It's a great location in need of a facelift and some big name retail/dining.

Posted by: ModGirl - 5/30/2007 9:16:52 AM
Justin's comment about 1st and Sierra: Good things are going to happen to that building starting August. A couple of guys from the Bay area bought this building and have "an eye" for design. The antique dealers are just finishing up their leases and the renovation will then begin. Last I have heard there may be a fitness facility (gold's gym, 24 hour fitness) going in on the top floor, a salon occupying some space on the second floor. Also, rumor has it a high end chain restaurant (oxymoron?) is interested in half the space on the street level along with one other retailer on the other. Once the space vacates this project hopes to take a 10-12 month renovation. I don't have the latest renderings, but I can assure you that whatever they decided the orange and purple color sceme will be OUT!