Grand Sierra Resort

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Posted by: Lisa Dock - 4/5/2007 3:05:15 PM
I dont think people will pay $190 a night to stay here. And I was also told by a sales agent that works at the Grand Sierra Resort that the plan will not look like that so how can they post that plan. Im not to sure about this one??

Posted by: Steve - 4/6/2007 9:14:23 AM
Mike, Here is a link to some of the Nikki Beach plans at Grand Sierra...

Posted by: Mike Van H - 4/6/2007 8:40:06 PM
Greetings Lisa! Grand Sierra has been clear all along that these plans are largely conceptual...for instance the buildings in the above graphic have already changed where the Kobi Karp towers will go. The indoor water park, spa, etc are all still planned. I believe the $190 rate would be for their suites, in which I WOULD pay that much for to stay in one of those cool Dodd rooms. I've paid that much or more before many times to stay in nice suites in other cities that pale in comparison to the designo f hte suites at Grand Sierra. I love the chocolate color scheme. is listing their rooms starting at $59, and considering I religiously use to book hotels in other cities, that's an accurate starting rate.

Posted by: LARK - 4/7/2007 4:28:30 PM
What is the word on the Nikki Beach clubs, is that really happening?

Posted by: Mike Van H - 4/7/2007 4:34:46 PM
Initial plans in GSRs partnership with Nikki Beach call for a five star Nikki Beach Hotel to occupy the top three floors of the Grand Sierra Resort Hotel property (a hotel within a hotel), a Nikki Beach Club at poolside, and multiple nightclub entertainment venues in the current Grand Sierra facility. A Nikki Beach Club is also planned for the poolside area at the Grand Sierra that will transform the area into a beach front entertainment venue complete with the Nikki Beach Club signature white motif of cushioned lounge beds, cabanas, swim-up bars and “daylight nightlife” poolside entertainment featuring live bands and DJ’s spinning Nikki Beach custom music mixes.

Posted by: Traveler - 6/14/2007 6:49:20 AM
I am from the Sacramento area and I truly look forward to this new, innovative idea for Reno. $190.00 is reasonable for this type of venue. This is such a great idea. I have no doubt that this will be very successful.

Posted by: Traveler - 6/14/2007 6:50:18 AM
I am from the Sacramento area and I truly look forward to this new, innovative idea for Reno. $190.00 is reasonable for this type of venue. This is such a great idea. I have no doubt that this will be very successful.

Posted by: GSR Worker - 7/28/2007 4:05:53 AM
Nikki Beach is great, but the loud music can be heard all the way up the the 25th floor on Friday/Saturday nights until 3:30AM. So pay that 190.00 for the cool Dodd room, just don't try to sleep before 3:30AM. The whole south side of the hotel is right NEXT to the outdoor club, so it's like a concert at your window. The GSR needs to address this issue before they lose more money with the 500 guests they are making angry every weekend - and doing nothing about it.

Posted by: Johnny - 6/25/2008 3:27:43 PM
I have heard that GSR is for sale and the sale is supposed close by the end of the summer. Has anyone else heard about this or is it bunk?

Posted by: Mattlo - 6/30/2008 9:38:58 PM
You know, I agree, GSR is so broke and they know it, why not sell, SELL to someone who can actually do something worth while to the property, like MGM Mirage, make it an MGM Grand again, or heck even a City Center like in Vegas, GSR tried

Posted by: John S. - 7/3/2008 3:24:57 AM
I am sad that the GSR is broke. Its pretty amazing what they managed to do with what used to be a pretty awful casino. Most of the casino floor (with the exception of the Johnny Rockets/Sports Book area looks amazing and I actually don't mind visiting it on occasion. I guess my biggest disappointment is they didn't get to build the indoor waterpark. Based on what I have heard about other hotel/indoor waterpark resorts (specifically, the Great Wolf Lodge chain in the midwest and east coast), I think it could have been the final piece needed to make the GSR property very successful.

Posted by: wiley_n_Reno - 7/3/2008 11:10:02 AM
An ice skating arena with seating for 2,000 would be perfect for the GSR! More so than a water park IMO. I agree that the owners did a lot of good stuff to update it.

Posted by: Mike Van H - 7/3/2008 12:21:49 PM
Check out my latest CAC post under breaking news on my home page to see what may be in store for the GSR. A very interesting twist for this resort indeed, and perhaps a step in the right direction to expand it. Regardless of who ends up owning it, there is a STAR Bond feasbility request to put a 'large retail establishment' on the parking lot of GSR...which very well could be for the water park, since STAR Bonds traditionally are used for projects that will yield a high sales tax return, which over time pays off the bond. And for those that haven't ventured inside GSR since they remodeled it, you should. It's quite amazing, and still one of the best hotels in town for families. Where else can you find go-carts, bungee rides, a bowling stadium, movie theater, shops, a poolside nightclub, a soon-to-be Pearl Lounge, one of the largest fun-arcades in town and award-winning restaurants? Granted much of that already existed, but GSR renovated and reopened the movie theater, renovated the Game Zone, renovated the pool area, remodelled ALL the rooms, remodelled the casino, change nearly all the restaurants out, and had the kahoonas to be the first to try to raise the ridiculously low room rates in this town. So kudos to them, I agree they took the property a long way so far, and any local that doesn't give them props for that hasn't been there to experience how different it is from the Hilton/Bally's/MGM.

Posted by: Steve Watts - 7/5/2008 9:14:35 PM
Honestly, good riddance. They've done some piecemeal renovations here and there, but I rapidly got tired of the hype and the empty talk. They remind me all to well of the Golden Phoenix folks, picking up a property at a bargain price but not having the money to do everything they promised. They did not open the movie theatre, but rather leased out the space to people who did, much like the restaurants, and the theatre was not renovated. Instead, they made up some sketches and press releases and used our gullible local media for free press to fill restaurants and sell condos. The hotel-condo business plan was flawed from the start, and worse yet the incompetent owners actually angered and demoralized their own employees by blaming them in the press for a loss of convention bookings! Then the arrogance of demanding STAR bonds by inferring the community wasn't supporting them. I don't hate the place, I hate being fooled. I'm dying to see a real investor, with real money, do all that can be done with my old MGM.

Posted by: Brian - 7/8/2008 8:04:29 PM
Do we have any more confirmation that the current owners of GSR are broke? It all seems speculation to me! I think we need more proof. Right now all we seem to have is some vague rumor from a outside source that Grand Sierra is closing at the end of the summer. I do know that by this time the waterpark should have been half way thru its construction,but, all we see is the same parking lot we have always seen. I was expecting a lot more from these developers. I am not surprised however. I talk a lot about what Reno could be and GSR may well be the centerpiece. The plans the current owners had were well, GRAND!!! I have seen their restoration work on the inside,good,nice,but! If indeed they sell, Great. I think we all should expect the next developer to do something even better then this batch of owners had planned. Good Luck to whoever finally decides to do something major.

Posted by: Mike Van H - 7/9/2008 7:25:30 PM
I don't think GSR is broke, and I haven't heard anything about them closing. I would say that is rumor for now.

Posted by: Justin - 7/11/2008 10:39:59 AM
Anybody know what they're building in the Southwest corner of the parking lot (near Mill Street & 395)?

Posted by: matlo - 7/11/2008 9:00:49 PM
I have been talking to one of the managers at GSR and he tells me the GSR is refinancing, which could result in a sale he said. I also spoke with him about renovations, he says all 1145 rooms they haven't remodled will get new beds, linen and headboards. He said that would take place in late August, he says a Pan-Asian restaurant should open within 90 days. He did say too the Waterpark is on hold, so there you go. A breif look at what's happening on the inside.

Posted by: MJD - 6/16/2009 10:37:17 PM
Some construction and remodeling action has been going on inside the main floor of the GSR lately. I go there almost daily since I get free play coupons and give their free slot tournaments a try when time permits. Definite changes: The Reserve Wine Bar has been moved to a location between the Charlie Palmer restaurants and the Crystal Lounge Bar (replacing the "lounge" portion of the Crystal Lounge). The area formerly occupied by the Reserve is walled off and being transformed to an "Extreme Sports Lounge", with scheduled opening in July, according to a sign posted on the temporary wall. A High Limit slot area is also advertised on this wall, so there could be something else planned for the existing high limit slot area near the Comps + desk. The small Pinecone Bar near the buffet has been closed and dismantled. Not sure what will become of this area, but my guess is that it could just become more buffet tables. Last week, an employee at the Reserve mentioned that some other near-term changes are in store for the GSR; while these are not officially confirmed they seem to be reasonable: The former Dolce is being renovated into an Italian-themed restaurant which will also be associated with Charlie Palmer. I don't remember the name but the employee said it would be open in early July and more "moderately priced" compared to CP and Fin Fish. The Reserve will be expanded to include the remainder of the lounge area in front of the CP restaurants/Cafe Sierra/Buffet area, and appetizers/cheese plates will again be available soon--now they will be on the Charlie Palmer menu. Plans for improved ventilation for the new Reserve are also in the works. I was going to ask this employee about whether there are any plans for the former Pearl Lounge, but the wine bar was getting busy so I didn't get that chance.

Posted by: Bri - 7/20/2010 6:40:02 PM
What happens to the existing Condo owners if the GSR sells? I see many listings for the condos now and would like information about owning one of these condos. Is this a good time to invest in one or not?

Posted by: bill - 10/26/2010 9:57:21 PM
what they should do is tear all the rooms apart and blow the building up. this was the worst casino i ever been in its dark gloomy scary and hunted.they need to go out of buisness.

Posted by: Anakin-Marc - 10/27/2010 5:04:10 AM
Well, everybody is entitled to their opinion, but quite honestly, I must say that I rather like the interior design of the Grand Sierra. I really don't see where it is "dark gloomy scary and hunted" [sic], unless you're referring to the lower level. There are much worse casinos in Reno and across Nevada when it comes to interior design. Circus Circus and Cal-Neva are but a few that come to mind.

Posted by: Justin - 11/1/2010 8:08:48 PM
Having just had dinner at Rim inside GSR and then wandering around the casino floor after wards I don't agree with Bill's assessment at all! This place has some of the classiest/most upscale decor in all of Reno. The exterior needs work, but most of the interior is great.