News CAC Meeting 6-5-07

I have to pick and choose which meetings I go to, because like most of you, I have a job, life, etc. The Citizens Advisory Meetings are ones I definitely am becoming accustomed to attending; they're a bit less formal, quick, and you learn about upcoming projects far before the Council does (officially). So let's get to the goods:
1. Post Office Project - Redevelopment Agency is awaiting space requirement document from USPS, once they get that, locations will be presented to USPS including on-site tours to pick the best place for the new post office. They expect acquisition by the end of the year. Scott Edwards toured a similar site in Vegas, and the people in charge of that project were interested in coming up to Reno to tour our site. The 2009 completion date still stands for this.
2. Retail block - City Center Site - This is a longer term project, as RTC won't even relocate to their new transit center until 2010.
3. Parking Structure Downtown - A 1000 space garage with retail possibilities on the ground floor is closer to reality, and is public-private partnership. 'West of Virginia' is the only clue to its location. Should hopefully be before the CAC for review of the plan in July.
4. Beautification Projects - Wow Gillian went through these fast! So fast I couldn't keep up with some of the details, but here goes; Virginia Gateway Project - Will go before council June 27 to purchase Savoy Motel as part of the gateway art projects. Probably will be demo'd, though not officially said. Virginia Street Lighting - Should be complete by late August between Pueblo and Mt Rose. Hanging flower baskets along recently narrowed Virginia St. to be installed by end of June, and new banners created for light poles (like Wells Ave) in association with Riverwalk Merchant Association. She talked about new planters but I totally missed where, sorry! Facade Improvement Program - Surveys of all the properties involved are complete, and RFP went out for an architect to draft a design for the entire area in the Pilot Program, and they expect the RFP process to be complete within two weeks. I can't wait to see what the architect comes up with for the redo of multiple buildings. This is an exciting program.
4. 10 North Virginia - Not much new here; the three finalists have until June 13th to submit their concepts, pro forma, and written statement that the building will be built before leasing. The latter part is interesting, it means the building will have to be built whether the space is leased or not, which encourages developers to acquire tenants going into the construction phase. The developer should be chosen by July 12. A liberal June 2009 completion date has been set, but Scott Edwards was optimistic it could be completed earlier. Edwards confirmed that the canopy and building have been 'synchronized '...i.e. further canopy design put on hold until developer is selected for retail building.

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Posted by: Justin - 6/5/2007 7:51:36 PM
I see the new Transit Center isn't scheduled to be complete until 2010 now. I wonder why this is taking so long. It was originally scheduled to be complete in 2008 and last I heard was pushed back to 2009.