News 6-5-07 Palladio Nears Completion, Filling Up

It's been a long long journey for the Palladio, but that journey is now coming to a close. The first units of the Palladio should be ready for move in June 15. Dave Clark, court-appointed receiver for the Palladio, told the Reno Gazette Journal that "five of the eight residential floors have been completed, and the other floors should be completed within 10 days." More interesting are the number of units sold at Palladio. According to the article, "Sixty-eight of the units have been sold and all but "four or five that are still pending and the rest are solid contracts," Clark said." That's pretty crafty wording, but I think that means the building has officially sold out? I'm just happy the green roof is going on, it's starting to look REALLY nice. The article mentioned what we all know, that no additional retailed has been signed besides Starbucks. There were some mumblings at City meetings about the retail spaces being too small to be practical, which I can totally understand (much like the downtown theater complex retail spaces, which some had to be combined and some stores occupy two). I'm glad to hear interest is picking up again. We don't want a Riverwalk Towers scenario on such a critical street interesection.

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Posted by: ModGirl - 6/7/2007 3:43:44 PM
Now all they need is a Farmer's Market downtown... tee hee hee... sorry, sore subject, I AM SO NAIVE!.... Anyway, Please, if anyone hears of any leads on the retail space here, let me know! I can't wait to see this building at night!!!

Posted by: Bugsy - 6/8/2007 9:03:12 AM
The Riverwalk Towers has large retail space available.. It was a former casino floor. Im sure thats big enough for a resturaunt or large retail. Will somebody please lease the space, Im tired of looking at that butt ugly faded wooden yellow colored doors.