News 6-16-07 ReTRAC Pedestrian Bridge in Place

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Posted by: Aaron - 6/17/2007 4:03:53 PM
Mike, I believe you are obsessed with this bridge.

Posted by: Steve - 6/18/2007 1:19:41 PM
Aaron, perhaps Mike IS a bit obsessed. But, don't you find it QUITE ODD that the city is spending a LOT of money to build a VERY WIDE walkway between two completely unused buildings when they have not announced - to my knowledge - any future use of either the buildings OR the bridge? The old train station sits completely empty and the lower part of the south end of the bowling stadium is nothing more than steel posts. What future building uses could possibly requite a pedestrian bridge that will accomodate 6 or more people walking abreast? I am sure as heck wondering. Only one use would seem to make much sense to me - but I have no idea whether it is actually in the works. For many years, RTC has wanted to relocate the existing Greyhound Bus Station (now situated between 1st and 2nd streets north of the kayak course) over to somewhere near where the new train and RTC stations are going to be located. Could they possibly use the combination of the old train station connected by this new bridge to the currently unused part of the bowling stadium to create some sort of a new Greyhound Bus facility? Who knows? But, they are apparently expecting large numbers of people to move back and forth between the buildings - which probably would happen if buses were regularly loading and unloading passengers. Other than some sort of transportation hub which handles a lot of passengers, I really can't think of other uses that would require such a big bridge connecting the two properties. Can anyone else think of something? Or does anyone have any info on the future plans? Like Dave :-)