News 6-23-07 Village at Idlewild to Apartments

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Posted by: doofus - 6/23/2007 9:07:20 PM
I'm a bit curious how a stalled entry level condo project can instantly transform into a luxury rental project. Too bad this one didn't work out. It has a great, walkable location, Idlewild park across the street, and not too bad looking. Note to developer - parking sheds died in the 90's. If you want a unit to have a chance at selling, you need a real garage, and most likely attached. It will be fun to see the reaction of the folks who bought in to the change of focus. Also to see what the asking luxury rents will be. Check out Craigs's List, housing for rent, and search Somersett. The rental bar is being set pretty low.

Posted by: Mike Van H - 6/23/2007 9:46:30 PM
I should add the person who emailed me the letter mentioned they really love living at Village at Idlewild, and arent concerned with what the rentals will do do the value of their home, because they love the location, their condo, etc. Alsom a Tanamara or Somersett style pool would add punch to sales/leases.

Posted by: Ken - 6/23/2007 11:30:16 PM
Mike, didn't you mention on the urban blog that village @ idlewild was originally supposed to be apartments before the condo craze, that's why the place is designed more like a suburban apartment complex and less like an urban condo building, in the first place? If so, sweet irony!

Posted by: EyesWideOpen - 6/24/2007 4:34:35 PM
Yup, they were originally planned as apartments.

Posted by: Mike - 6/29/2007 7:06:10 AM
Why did the same developers give back all reservation money to buyers at Arterra?