News 7-15-07 Various Updates from Readers

Here's some quickies for you all; Spencer's Steakhouse in the BofA building didn't last long, another doomed restaurant in the seemingly cursed Adele's space, will anything be able to succeed here?; A reader told me the For Lease sign is gone from the old Liquid Lounge space on West Street, at the same time another reader mentioned Blind Onion (suffered multiple Mizpah tragedies, 3 to be exact) was eying the space for their new downtown location; another reader told me Demo work was beginning on the Rainbow Bridge, however remember this has nothing to do with the Trench Cover project, it was part of a separate deal with the City; and finally, I spotted what looks like mass amounts of gym-workout machines and the name Nakimo (I think?) in the Museum Tower space on Sierra across from Pegs. Could this be a new gym for downtown? Or a place selling gym equipment? I would love it if someone from Capstone could elaborate on what this is.

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