News 7-20-07 Downtown Walk

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Posted by: Mike Oh - 7/20/2007 1:03:03 PM
Im so excited about the Montages colors. I mean, I know the renderings showed a multicolored building all along, but due to the extreme overabundance of drab, off-white buildings in downtown Reno, I was skeptical as to whether the colors would actually make it onto the condo or not. I mean, do people really like brownish, dirty looking buildings? The appearance of so many downtown structures could be drastically improved by just adding a little color (e.g.Washoe Court House, Arlington Towers, The Palladio!). Anyhow, Im glad to know that downtown will be brightening up a bit thanks to the Montage.

Posted by: Erin Ruiz - 7/22/2007 2:10:45 PM
Can't wait until the Montage finishes, the colors will help The Riverwalk fit in more!!!

Posted by: Bugsy - 7/23/2007 10:02:17 AM
I agree with Ms. Ruiz.. The montage colors will fit in with the riverwalk. By the way Ms. Ruiz, I know your a co chair at the Riverwalk, Do you know whats happening with the ground floor retail spot and when there will be updating the front?

Posted by: Erin - 7/30/2007 4:43:24 PM
Hey Bugsy, found out the developer of the Riverwalk is hiring a company to demo the retail space and start finishing that end of the building!!! Hallelujah!!! All owners will be happy!

Posted by: RenoSteve - 7/31/2007 3:03:17 AM
Thanks Erin. GREAT NEWS.

Posted by: BUGSY - 7/31/2007 9:50:23 AM
very very happy owner to hear that, thanks Erin.