100 North Sierra

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Posted by: Justin - 7/27/2007 2:50:18 PM
Looks like a nice project, but I have to laugh at the rendering. it was colored with crayons.....and someone doesn't know how to stay in the lines! ;)

Posted by: crw - 9/8/2007 2:51:33 PM
that comment makes absolutely no sense

Posted by: Justin - 9/13/2007 1:16:13 PM
It doesn't make sense because the old rendering I am referring to is no longer on this site.

Posted by: Mike Van H - 9/13/2007 1:39:37 PM
Yeah it changed, and the first rendering did look like it was made with crayons! This project will add a big boost to that corner though.

Posted by: Justin - 9/13/2007 3:01:27 PM
I agree. I am really looking forward to hearing what tenants will be a part of this project. This area is quickly becoming downtown's place to "see and be seen". Just think back a mere 6-7 years ago. No theater, no Silver Peak, No Wild River Grille, no Starbucks, no Dharma's Bookstore, no Devine, Cold Stone, etc. The only happening spot was Java Jungle and you'd rarely see people on the street aside from the random tourist or movie theatre patron. Amazing! I can only hope the Baseball Stadium has a similar effect on the East end of downtown.

Posted by: Anakin-Marc - 9/14/2007 1:00:56 PM
If you look in the archive of old comments, you can still see the old rendering on the 7/27 post.

Posted by: crw - 9/19/2007 1:31:03 PM
OK - I see the crayon rendering - gotcha. I think the new baseball stadium is going to be awesome. It will be interesting to see if it is more modern or traditional brick-ballparky.