News 8-1-07 Various Rumors and Updates

Happy August! So my readers have been posting some pretty interesting comments, and just in case you didn't catch them, let's review.
- Erin, who I am pretty sure I know who she is and a reputable source, mentioned Riverwalk Towers will soon be finishing the bottom floor of their building, converting it to an appealing retail space.
- A VERY interesting post by Anakin mentioned he recently saw some work being done on the Kings Inn, walked up to one of the workers and asked what was up, and they mentioned the Kings Inn would soon be under construction and that they were adding 4 floors onto the building. When asked who was doing the project, the guy pointed across the street to the Montage and said 'they are.' Of course this is a rumor at this point, but you bet I'll try to confirm it!
- The Nevada Discovery Museum seems to be entering a new phase of construction; there were fire inspectors everywhere this morning, and the place is really starting to look gutted.

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Posted by: Urban Observer - 8/2/2007 5:10:06 PM
The Kings Inn was getting a bit of clean up, but it was being done by the current owners and has nothing to do with the Montage group. There have been a few stumbling blocks on the KI project, but they are in the process of resolution, and a clean project is still expected to emerge.