News 8 On Center Sold Out 8-16-07

Well I ended up telling everyone else this before I had time to post it on this site; 8 On Center will be closing on their last available unit in a week or so, which means they are officially sold out. That's right! All of the units went for their original asking prices too. I am told it's a nice mixture of retirees, business folks and artists. 4 of the 8 will be using their bottom floor for actual commercial/retail as well, which makes the developer VERY happy, since that's what she envisioned all along. I recently did a piece on the developer, if you missed it click here. Maybe this will inspire Mr. Thoma Lofts to break ground on his live-work units just up the street fomr 8 on Center.

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Posted by: Jenna - 8/17/2007 1:16:11 PM
Great news. Love the live work concept. Maybe there is hope for this market yet.