News 9-30-07 Longs Drugs

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Posted by: jb - 9/30/2007 9:02:34 PM
I've heard second hand (but a good source) that supermarkets can make as much profit from their small number of slots as they do from food sales. Still, it's not like downtown is lacking slot machines, so why not open it up?

Posted by: Anakin-Marc - 10/1/2007 11:57:03 AM
Looking at the article on RGJ, it's amazing how CAVEs can find problems with just about anything. Complaints about the stadium and such are one thing, but I just saw a comment at the bottom of the article from some guy saying how the facade improvement plan is "fake" and won't accomplish anything. I swear, if these people had their own way, Reno would be a ghost town...