ReTRAC Cover Happening

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Posted by: MattLO - 11/28/2007 7:19:54 PM
Let me be the first to say, ALL RIGHT! Thank You Fernando Leal!

Posted by: Crystal - 11/30/2007 7:17:56 AM
Very cool. Glad this is being built. Our comments paid off!

Posted by: Revi - 11/30/2007 8:27:01 AM
The City Council made the right decision.

Posted by: indamernreno - 11/30/2007 9:39:49 AM
Fantastic news. I am very please with the changes in downtown reno over the last 5-10 years. It still has a way to go, but the baseball stadium and trench cover is a huge step. I like the investment Leal is making in Reno. Its almost a "build it and they will come" investment and I think that is what Reno needs. I am really hoping that the GSR can just get their waterpark built, The younger themed restraunts like dolce and palmers combined with a huge waterpark will offer a chance for younger, well-to-do/successfull people to don the bikinis and bathing suits and have a real good time without the whole Vegas Pretentiousness (if thats even a word). Ski during the day and then go back to your Hotel change into your Bikini and go surfing at the waterpark. I agree with Matt O that Reno needs a major attraction to get things really going and the GSR is key. A few years after the mapes went down A group proposed a "high-roller" type casino for that site. Not sure why it didnt happen, but it seemed to me that Reno citizens killed it before it got going. I still think a major "higher end" attraction downtown is needed. Close off Viginia to traffic raise a couple drug motels and build a Silver legacy type resort (only with a wow factor, the original plans to the SL started out with a wow and then turned cheap, its a nice property, probably the nicest in Reno, but it lack that wow factor that Reno could really use). anyhow, I see Reno as similar to Wolf Pack sports. They are all so close to exploding into something special that its frustrating. They are making big strides but have a set back or two and like the sports programs, the city needs the support of those of us who care also, glad to see the BLVD south get approved. Putting 5,000 homes 30 miles out of town only results in a biggers infrastructure deficit and more smog. North Nevada cant even fund work on the freeways in town. Lets learn a lesson from the bay area and los angeles, sprawl has it limits and Reno/Washoe co. needs to find the courage to establish those limits and go up

Posted by: Brian - 11/30/2007 5:17:58 PM
indamernreno you took the thoughts out of my head with a bigger better and brighter project then the Silver Legacy. It had loads more potential when it was Project C. I think GSR has the idea with putting a cover over its waterpark. It makes sense for this climate. It would be cool to see a 6 flags style project do the same. Imagine a project like the Circus Circus aventuredome in Vegas, but twice as large and much more innovative. Reno does not need multiple megaprojects but, it needs some of incomparable quality. I digress from the cover, sorry, but I believe the cover and ballpark are only a hint at what could be. These are little steps to hopefully something that Reno has never seen. Reno was around before Las Vegas and Atlantic city. It was the original model for gaming. The Comstock so close is the reason for the initial wealth of this country. There is so many things about this city that deserves to be made clear to the world.