News 12-5-07 Construction Tidbits

It was too dark already to take pictures on tonight's dog walk downtown, however it was light enough to see some construction happening:
1. Grant's Landing - These guys continue to do various things with various colored dirt piles. I can't figure out if it's for the additional street they are putting in, or if they are preparing the dirt for foundation. I thought the models were going along the river, but it could be they are going on the corner of Museum Way and Mill Street where all the dirt work is going on.
2. Pedestrian Bridge - The pedestrian bridge connecting the Amtrak Station to where future retail is going is complete and open. I like the stamped concrete work on the floor, although the mesh fencing on the sides is kind of institution-like, but understandable.
3. RTC Transit Station on Plaza St.- The parking lot or whatever was there before is being ripped up.
4. State Street Center - Across the street from Pioneer Center, the State Street Center project site is alive with 4 giant back-hoe type machines moving dirt around. Glad to see this project didn't bail out, I'm never a fan of old buildings being torn down in vain.
5. Nevada Discovery Museum - I think this project has kicked into high gear, with a mobile-home-size construction office now hugging the north side of the building. When you get a chance, peer in the windows of the old city hall building ; it's almost completely gutted and pretty cavernous looking inside.
6. Mill Street Townhomes - This project of 28 townhomes on Holcomb and Mill Street goes before the planning commission December 19 at 6 p.m. So far I havent seen any renderings of it, and the staff report links for the 19th when they're posted may be our first chance to view what they look like. Judging by the giant yellow public hearing sign posted right in the front yard of one of the homes on that lot, the 5 to 6 homes (lost count) on this lot will be demo'd for the project.
And on that note, I'm sure glad I don't live in one of the homes that is situated on Mill Street or State St., because with Grant's landing next door to the north, Mill Street Townhomes across the street to the east, and Holcomb Townhomes across the street to the south, all being constructed simultaneously, can you imagine the noise level? That's ok though, it will be exciting to see all these built simultaneously.

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