News 1-10-08 More Updates

1. After a successful run, Electronic Espresso has been sold to new owners, who are currently renovating the space into a high end coffee shop/bar. I hope they keep free wi-fi!
2. Keystone and 5th Street Property - The old houses and the apartment building are gone. Warehouse remains - along with several dumpsters. Nothing happening yet on any of the retail buildings facing 5th st. This is the property recently included in a gaming rezoning, and there was talk of a 600-room hotel tower/casino going in there.
3. Shopper Square expansion - REA has also fenced off the many properties it intends to demo next to Shoppers Square - so the demo crews will probably move over there once they are done at Keystone. The demolition equipment is now staged beside shoppers square and the advance crews appear to be removing asbestos, dealing with utilities, etc.
4. Demolition is underway at Savoy Motel on Virginia Street downtown, to make way for some very noticeable Gateway Art.

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