News 1-12-08 CAC Meeting Update


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Posted by: Justin - 1/13/2008 9:36:35 AM
Mostly good news. I just hope they make the parking garage attractive. I know there is only so much you can do to a parking structure, but look at the Sparks' Victorian Square parking garage next to the Century Theatre as a good example and the Fitzgeralds parking garage as a bad one. As far as Longs goes, this is ridiculous. As much as I think this store would benefit the residents/tourists, I say screw 'em. They've been really stupid about this whole issue IMO. Who finishes work on a store and then doesn't open it for nearly a year because of a hangup with the gaming license for a few poker/slot machines? Very poor planning IMO.

Posted by: David - 1/13/2008 10:14:48 AM
That sucks about Longs. Where would the parking garage go?

Posted by: Ken - 1/14/2008 10:25:35 PM
Re: Long's. There has been plenty of time and there have been plenty of chances to get answers, real, public answers about what the holdup is. In my entire lifetime I have not entered a single drug store in the state of Nevada that didn't have a row of slot machines prominently displayed up front. It's not like the slots would be the first 16 slot machines in downtown Reno. It's time for some actual, real, answers to this stupid issue.