News 1-13-08 Baseball Blog and Update

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Posted by: Wiley_n_reno - 1/14/2008 1:33:57 PM
thanks for the ballpark link. I walked down there and saw nothing going on. Noticed that the Nevada Inn across the street is enclosed in a chain-link fence.

Posted by: RenoSteve - 1/15/2008 12:29:59 AM
Wiley - Regarding your observation of a new construction fence around the Nevada Inn - across from the fire station on Second St... In November, Basin Street Properties quietly bought the office building just west of the Nevada Inn for $22.4 million. In late December they closed a transaction on the Nevada Inn for $3.7 million which they have now vacated and are likely preparing to demolish. I think they are also in process of acquiring the two former redevelopment agency parcels to the east of the Nevada Inn - where an old hotel was recently demolished. I wouldn't be surprised if the unannounced project proceeds on about the same schedule as the ballpark. For those who may not recall, Basin Street is the entity that recently purchased both the Bank of America and Wells Fargo office buildings downtown. Over the past few years, the company has been a huge factor in the redevelopment of downtown Petaluma CA - particularly its "Theatre District" - which is summarized in this link which highlights various top quality west coast redevelopment projects. Looks like they now think downtown Reno is a good investment and if they do anything like what they did in Petaluma it will be great.

Posted by: Fireman - 1/17/2008 11:46:42 PM
Here's the very latest. We were told today that there will be no temporary stations for now (if any) and the we must vacate station 1 by feburary 28 or maybe mid march at the latest. So where do we and your fire protection go, you might ask? Basically they (The City) are going to shut the station down and place all the firefighters and trucks in other outlying stations. Engine 1 will go to Station 10 (by the Bonanza)--With at least a 9 min response time into Downtown Truck 1 will go to Station 2 on sutro by Hug high Rescue 1 will go to station 4 on ralston by UNR. How are we going to be able to provide the citizens and visitors of Reno with adequate Emergency Medical Services and Fire Protection? WE'RE NOT. The soonest we might see a "temporary Station"? June 2008 at the earliest at a cost of over 1.5 million for one butler building and trailer. Good thing we diverted the money away from 10 north Virginia to build that trench cover. That trench cover might even be built before our "temporary Stations". Last year Station 1 had over 10500 calls for service split between three rigs. Station 4 on ralston had over 3000 calls for service for only one rig. With this plan Station 4 with two rigs could now see over 13500 on average per year. That's 37 calls per day--and each one will take us longer to get to because Station four is up by UNR not in the downtown core. Will it work? My Advice, the next time your strolling, driving, or just living Downtown in a few months, do it carefully. Be safe. And when you need us we'll get there as fast as we can. Thank you, city council, mayor cashell, Mr Mcneeley and or course Mr Mark Lewis. We'll have you over for dinner, as soon as we get a place to cook it.