News 1-14-08 Gym in Lower Floor of 210 North

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Posted by: Slapdad - 1/14/2008 1:58:00 PM
Too bad they couldn't get a restaurant in there.....would have been a perfect place. That being said, it's better for it to be a gym than to be empty, right? Maybe they can get a Starbucks in there too.....I know how everyone loves a good Starbucks! : )

Posted by: Steve - 1/19/2008 2:53:43 PM
I created a slideshow with pics of the new gym Feel free to check them out on I also have posted 5 slideshows from the caucus and other campaigns over the past week. Enjoy

Posted by: John - 2/6/2008 1:53:38 PM
Slapdad - there's already a Starbucks 1 block away at the corner of 1st and Sierra, in case you were looking for one close by :)