News 2-7-08 CAC Meeting

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Posted by: renove - 2/7/2008 5:55:26 PM
Thanks for the updates... I'm currently going to school out of state, and I greatly appreciate your website. It really sounds like downtown is moving in the right direction. The next few years are going to be really exciting. Thanks again...

Posted by: Candy - 2/9/2008 8:31:44 AM
I am curious as to the building on the corner of Sierra and 2nd Street. It looks like a Mexican restaurant, but has been empty for a really long time. Any idea what it is eventually going to be?

Posted by: Mike Van H - 2/15/2008 11:41:15 AM
Hi Candy...I believe it is supposed to be a Mexican restaurant...they worked on it quite a bit over the summer...not sure what's happening to it right now.