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Posted by: Mason - 3/29/2008 5:14:03 PM
The Circus Clown and antiquated people mover thing must die.

Posted by: renove - 3/29/2008 6:43:37 PM
I voted for Cal-Neva. I'll admit, I love going to the 'Neva when I gamble (which is 2-3 times a year). It has cheap blackjack and it always makes for good people watching. It definitely fulfills a niche in downtown Reno. With that being said, the majority of the downtown redevelopment is slowly moving north from the river through the downtown corridor. The Cal-Neva is sitting in prime real estate (proximity to the river, the new ballpark, etc.) If Reno wants the redevelopment to continue moving towards UNR, Cal-Neva needs to help with the transition.

Posted by: Matlo - 3/29/2008 8:11:31 PM
Circus Circus needs to be given a MAJOR overhaul, meaning gutting and rebuilding, what ever happened to the sale to Olympia Gaming. Did it go bellyup? I agree with others, get rid of that ridiculous clown and tram. Silver Legacy needs to give its casino, rooms and restaurants a makeover to match the luxe of its Aura lounge, Eldorado needs to go tech savey as all dtwn hotels should with plasma tvs etc. Harrah's casino could use new carpet. The Fitz we all know will be remodled by Mr. Fernando Leal and Cashell, hope that turns out well. This city needs some Vegas style amenties if it wants to keep its rank.

Posted by: Bugsy - 3/29/2008 10:26:13 PM
You all know that I have been wanting more casinos downtown. They all need to be modernized. Im not saying they have to be as big as the ones on the strip of Las Vegas, but they do need to be as fancy but at a bit smaller scale. Im glad that the casinos in reno are starting to open their eyes and start moving the gaming industry into the 21st century like Las Vegas had.

Posted by: ken bolmgren - 3/30/2008 6:23:37 AM
as a reno taxi driver i would like to see the downtown traffic cleaned up a little , the reno police are doing an excellent job of keeping the homeless drunks from sleeping in out new plazas but there seems to be a lot of them panhandling around downtown . this has always been a problem but since we dont get the traffic we used to get the poor tourists we do get are harrassed constantly . the foot patrols are great and the officers are very friendly and always ready to answer questions. i say keep up the good work RPD . . it seem that reno is under constant construction lately . all that is well and good but they could use some better planning when it comes to the events . wht happened to the rscva ? dont they plan these events anymore ? we need more of them . at least 1 or 2 a month . the "other" casinos cant compete with our fine events and they are alawys a boon to our local retailers . so lets get on the ball rscva and getsomthing going on downtown seems like a dead zone all too often

Posted by: malto - 3/30/2008 8:59:08 AM
Bugsy is absolutly right!

Posted by: Jim - 3/30/2008 11:23:12 AM
I wiah one casino would have the courage to go NON-Smoking. My gaming is limited because of the stench just entering them and my clothes reeking upon departure. There is not one local casino that even offers a non-smoking area to claim my business.

Posted by: Scott Schrantz - 3/30/2008 12:08:57 PM
It's funny because the Circus Circus was just remodeled, maybe ten years ago, maybe less. Maybe many of the people here don't remember how the whole property used to be bathed in a ghastly pink color, and they ditched it all in the late 90s to go for more of a Victorian theme. I guess it didn't go over well, if everyone still thinks it needs to be remodeled. The Cal Neva I think deserves to be at the top of the list, but at the same time it's the last piece of "Old Reno" still left downtown. There was a time when a place like the Cal Neva would have been considered upscale. So maybe it should be preserved, almost as a museum piece, of the way Reno used to be. My vote is for the Fitz, but isn't it a foregone conclusion that there is a remodel coming there soon?

Posted by: toby - 3/30/2008 3:10:20 PM
If downtown is going to survive and prosper, the crappy small hotels/motels need to be torn down. It looks like downtown has a lot of drug addicts, convicts and homeless peoples walking its streets. I would rather see the major hotels buy and demolish these breeding grounds for trouble makers.

Posted by: Candy - 3/30/2008 6:40:36 PM
The facades all up Virginia St. are tacky and unappealing. I hope that the brick facades become a reality. We are not Las Vegas. We need another hook. I grew up here in Reno, and am not a big fan of the casinos downtown.

Posted by: Wiley_n_Reno - 3/31/2008 9:23:41 AM
Anyone who has gone to the Wynn, the Palms, or the Red Rocks casinos down south has seen what the modern casino looks like. Earth tones, no incandescent flashing lights, and no obnoxious designs on the carpets. No tube TV's anywhere and LED lights presented in understated fashion.

Posted by: Rob Stone - 3/31/2008 11:28:23 AM
Everybody Sing along to the theme song. ELLLL-DOOOOO-RAAADOOOOO, COME FEEL THE EXCREMENT! BA BA DA BA!

Posted by: Locasio - 4/10/2008 8:44:36 PM
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