News 4-22-08 Rumors and Speculation

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Posted by: KB - 4/22/2008 6:00:57 PM
I am looking for a link on the Premature News the RGJ put out. Any Ideas??

Posted by: Brian - 4/22/2008 6:10:28 PM
Thank you for the info. The Peppermill new is exciting. I am anxious to see what materializes. A second tower for the pond perhaps? I respect that you wish to remain mum on some projects in the pipeline. The projects in the works I am sure are going to be larger and grander then what we have seen in some time. This town needs some punch. Reno is a vacation city. A place to come and experience once in a life time memories. We have all the outdoor adventures covered, world class events hosted.( Hot August Nights, Air Races,ect..) You once said you are a cheerleader for Reno, I like to be on your squad, rooting for growth. I hope to see some great architectural symbols emerge on our skyline soon,buildings that go beyond function and inspire people to dream. Reno needs to compete with the world by developing first class designs. I could only imagine that these words I type might reach the eyes that can bring such ideas to be, fantastic architectural visions, right here in Reno. Thank You.

Posted by: RenoSteve - 4/22/2008 8:55:17 PM
That part of town needs SERIOUS redevelopment. That said, if the property owners wanted continued anonymity, they should not be putting their ideas on a public meeting agenda - contents of which are ALWAYS subject to media coverage by the RGJ. Did they really think that nobody would notice?

Posted by: Matt Orchowski - 4/23/2008 4:21:18 PM
I am right there with you Brian! It's like we share the same thoughts. I envision this city, and Sparks as well to grow and develop on a massive scale over the next 5-8 years, to me, and I think broad, I think Reno and Sparks together can equal what Las Vegas is today in the future. Big time attractions, luxury casinos, high rise and shopping, as well as big time chefs, we've already got it started with Charlie Palmer at GSR. What to do know is watch, wait and read. Prepare, Reno and Sparks are about to offically enter the 21st century.

Posted by: Reno Passport - 4/24/2008 12:14:52 PM
Se7en Teahouse had a major bar collapse last friday. Check out our blog and see pics and get involved with the fundraiser on May 10. Also, look for Mike's downtown makeover editorial piece in the May Issue of Reno Passport. Keep up the good work mike. Steve, Reno Passport

Posted by: Mark W. - 4/30/2008 10:12:29 AM
Brian - you've got a couple of architectural landmarks in Reno already! Take a look at the new Nevada Museum of Art building - contemporary architecture serving to highlight a huge cultural bastion in Reno. Also worth mentioning is the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts - a bit older, sure, but still a landmark for Reno. There's also a ton of really great historical landmarks - including the bridges downtown at the Truckee, the downtown post office, and the Riverside Hotel, not to mention most of the campus at UNR - Delongchamps had a good head on his shoulders! Its important to have vision, sure, but I think it's equally important to make sure that the functional needs of Reno - economic diversity, increased-density urban infill, re-use of existing buildings and sites, and attention to pedestrian routes and public-transit access - are fulfilled, before a visionary "high-design" skyline comes into play as a design element. As an architect, I can definitely appreciate a beautiful building, but if the building program stinks and acts more like an island in the city than a part of it, than all the design in the world doesn't mean much. I agree that Reno can be great, and it could be on its way there even now, but it shouldn't try to be Vegas. Vegas is Vegas, Reno is Reno. I definitely don't want to live in a giant, over-the-top casino theme park. Reno can be another destination, but it also needs to be a great place for locals and shouldn't have to cater solely to the tourist/vacation trade.

Posted by: Brian - 5/1/2008 7:03:37 PM
Matt and Mark W, I appreciate your replies a lot. This seems to be the first time anyone has responded to my comments here, it is a relief. I was starting to think no one felt anything about my messages. Mark I absolutely understand your comments over the landmarks we have presently. Reno though has many rough spots in view of both locals and visitors. I am aware that the Reno City Council is conscience of these areas IE, The Baseball stadium. The Montage is an excellent example of the current progress Reno is making. The Montage is a working model of what will work for this city. It has a design that complements Reno, It encourages a local force to live in downtown, and provides a wonderful modern aesthetic. I am a longtime architecture enthusiast and futurist. I spend many hours studying the world of design. I have witnessed the limits of humans building on this Earth. I am looking to the future to see a city willing to move with the planet. I only wish the best for Reno and am hoping that someone agrees with me.(I see you Matt.) (Quote: Vegas is Vegas, Reno is Reno.) Thank God! Reno always had an upper hand IMO. Again folks another thanks all around.