News 5-29-08 Downtown Walk

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Posted by: Brian - 5/30/2008 12:13:15 PM
Your picture taking skills are improving much. the Montage is really starting to look great. Thank you Mike.

Posted by: Mark W. - 6/2/2008 12:19:29 PM
Mike, the park you shot is called Powning Park, it houses the flags and the statue of Jesse Lee Reno, the namesake of the city. Nice pics, sir.

Posted by: Erin Ruiz - 6/10/2008 10:23:17 AM
The Townhouses@Holcomb Place are moving right along, windows in and exterior stucco will begin soon. Pricing on units is $495,000 with high end, urban style finishes. Call me for more info or to view!! 775 815-2617