News 6-5-08 Various Tidbits

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Posted by: Mark W. - 6/5/2008 1:13:01 PM
That clothing store in the old ResCo building - Junkee - is awesome. Some really crazy and cool stuff in there, although the girls definitely have more to shop than the guys do. The decor is really quirky and well done. It is GREAT to see that building occupied and open again. I took a walk down Virginia St. from Amendment 21 to the Zephyr Lounge the other day and it was really encouraging to see all the active businesses.

Posted by: Ken - 6/5/2008 7:14:02 PM
Great update. I love what's happened on Wells! Now if only they can get rid of the billboards and fix the discontinuity in the building line from Vesta to around Thoma. The ballpark webcam is great, it's pretty exciting that the Reno skyline is gaining another viewing angle - should make for some awesome photos when it's done...