News 6-6-08 Montage Tour

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Posted by: Crystal - 6/6/2008 6:22:31 PM
Loves it. The loft is me to a tee. The artwork I could hang on those walls. Wine at the pool on a full moon. My style. The dog run is nice, but perhaps it should be a pen for our husbands while us wives play pinnacle.

Posted by: David W - 6/6/2008 8:18:32 PM
Classy. I am partial to the pool terrace residences. Surrounding the pool with one level residences and the pool house was a great idea so that's surrounded by structure on all four sides. It will keep a lot of the wind out of that area.

Posted by: EyesWideOpen - 6/6/2008 9:07:19 PM
How exciting! It's nice to see the Montage from a new perspective. Thanks Mike. You rock!

Posted by: DodgeBall73 - 6/7/2008 7:45:17 AM
This project seems better than the ones I saw in Las Vegas. Its a nice addition to our skyline.

Posted by: Justin Sullivan - 6/7/2008 1:46:57 PM
Wow, another big step towards a much more attractive northern Nevada, and beautiful downtown Reno. Thanks for the photos of the walkthrough. Good stuff

Posted by: Teresa - 6/7/2008 4:45:58 PM
I think this will look great at the sidewalk level. That's important for those of us who won't live there. The Palladio IMO failed miserably on the sidewalk level.

Posted by: Matthew A - 6/7/2008 7:24:02 PM
Very sweet. Thanks Mike for the pictures, and thanks Mr. Leal for such a great project. Top shelf for sure!

Posted by: James - 6/8/2008 12:10:33 AM
If people are going to live downtown, they should do away with the midnight fireworks. How can a player get his beauty sleep with that going on?

Posted by: Greg Pachio - 6/9/2008 1:42:34 PM
I agree with the other commenter. This will look stellar from the sidewalk. Can't wait to see the completion of the glass along Sierra.

Posted by: Downtownjunkie - 6/9/2008 3:45:49 PM
All I have to say is thank you Fernando! The only developer in town bringing responsible/attractive projects downtown. Your vision will pay off:)

Posted by: Downtownjunkie - 6/9/2008 3:47:12 PM
Oh, one more thing. If I buy a penthouse can I park a helicopter on the roof????

Posted by: Bugsy - 6/10/2008 9:57:28 AM
Nice pics mike. I wish I could trade my place for one of the lofts. This is going to be a real nice place. mike, when you spoke with fernando, did he mention anything about when the remodel of the fitzgerald casino and hotel will begin?

Posted by: Ken - 6/10/2008 12:09:07 PM
Hey James - a "player" is never aslepp at midnight! Great shots of an outstanding project, thanks. We have one contracted already, now if we can only swing the loan...