News 6-23-08 Not-So-Tidbits

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Posted by: David - 6/23/2008 9:53:22 PM
That is so awesome about the land between Island and Liberty. That has always seemed so empty, right in downtown. Also, I really hope that there is some university development in the NE. The University needs its own district, and it would really build another district for Reno.

Posted by: wiley_n_Reno - 6/24/2008 12:04:13 PM
about the Univ. of Nevada gateway. I have heard Mayor Cashell say that they've been trying to get those old, ugly, 1960's motels just north of I-80 bought out for years. Either they haven't been for sale or the money to purchase hasn't been there.

Posted by: Engrid - 6/24/2008 3:39:54 PM
Item B5 is an excellent concept. It would really put the kick in Downtown Reno revitalization!

Posted by: marc - 6/24/2008 9:51:15 PM
Do you mean Court instead of Island? Island doesn't cross Sierra. If so, yes, that was the Pioneer Inn a decade+ ago. Used to have a great $2 cheeseburger and fries special.