News 6-30-08 Brighton Manor

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Posted by: Matthew A. - 7/1/2008 8:00:30 PM
Very interesting. First, let me say that I also like these houses. They indeed are cute and they have a kind of fun feel that I can't really explain. I also like their location. Going to attached saves some money for the developer as it reduces the number of shear walls. The increased density may also allow for more total units in the development - another $$$ boon for the developer. Reasonable reasons as far as I am concerned. Like I said, I really liked the style of the homes being developed by these guys - especially the attached rowhouses. As for the (previously) detached houses of Brighton Manor, the only thing that annoyed me when I went and looked at them is how close together they are. The space between houses is almost a joke it is so small - so the change to an attached design really is an improvement in my opinion. Also, it kind of bugged me how the front exterior paneling only wrapped about 5 feet around the sides of the houses before being replaced with standard stucco - another problem solved by going to attached. Correct me if I am wrong, but is this also an indication that they are still having ok sales of the units? Mike do you know if this current change increases the total number of units in Brighton Manor or if they just changed the layout to include more open space elsewhere or larger floorplans? Thanks for the update.