News 3-11-07 Advertising Available

3/11/07 -THE COST OF DOIN' BUSINESS - This site has become insanely popular. I have created a beast, to say the least. Due in partial to my knowledge of search engine optimization, this site gets 350+ unique visitors and 1470+ hits per day, and people download over 1.5 gigabytes of 'stuff' a day from my site. That's right, one gig a day! So, you can imagine my hosting costs. Up to this point I just eat the costs, but it would sure be nice if I didnt have to. So I put up a little spot to the right for a couple ads. I purposefully isolated them from my content, so they wouldn't be a nuissance. I am not looking to make any money, just not lose any money. Plus it will help pay my programmer for all the time he has volunteered making comments, polls and other upcoming features. This will be my only ad spot; you won't find ads plastered everywhere I have empty space.

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Posted by: Justin - 3/12/2007 10:16:26 AM
I was wondering when you were going to start selling ad space. Your site is a great resource and I think any business downtown would be wise to place an ad on here to get their name out to the rest of the city. I don't live/work anywhere close to downtown, but I am proud to say I "visit" quite frequently. Anytime I want/need to find out about the newest development and/or business in downtown I always come to this site. Without you and Myrna I probably wouldn't even have known about Se7en Tea House, Electronic Espresso or the upcoming Wild River Grille. On a totally random side note, I like the new picture of the river.