10 North Virginia Canopy - Updated Pics 3/5/07

3/5/07 - 10 NORTH VIRGINIA CANOPY: UPDATED PICS - NOW ON TOP 3 LIST OF CITY COUNCIL REDEVELOPMENT PROJECTS - Click here for some updated pics from the document both the City Council and Redevelopment Agency will jointly discuss March 7.

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Posted by: Justin - 3/7/2007 3:11:10 PM
Cool, finally a comment section! I've been waiting for this :) Just in case anyone w/ the city council catches this, I implore you to carefully consider the following issues when deciding on a canopy design: -Durability/Building materials (look at what happened to the wind sculpture outside the Reno/Sparks Convention Center) -Design/Aesthetics (the design with the flat roof is much more aesthetically pleasing and the support columns look quite a bit like those on The Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge in Boston) I realize that money is an issue (when isn't it?), but don't shortchange the citizens of this city by building a substandard, half-assed canopy. ...end of Rant Keep up the good work Mike!

Posted by: Mike Van H - 3/7/2007 4:17:38 PM
Thanks! It was tricky to do, I had to bribe my programmer LOL. I agree with the canopy. Since the train trench will not be built in the near future, unless a developer steps in and pays for it, they should make sure to do the 10 North Virginia canopy right.

Posted by: Steve - 3/8/2007 2:09:21 AM
Train trench cover comments at yesterday's 1:30 Redevelopment meeting were that $4 million was "committed" (not to be used for anything else) to keep the project on the table, but that completing the project "soon" would take either more federal money (they have asked Harry Reid to try for added funding) or significant developer contributions.

Posted by: James S - 3/8/2007 8:25:40 AM
I don't like the new pictures.....is that what we're going to end up with? So after 3 years of 'discussion', Gustin and the others are just going to build a quickie canopy whose underside looks like the roof of a gas station?

Posted by: Slapdad - 3/9/2007 9:13:53 AM
One thing that none of the designs seem to do is the one thing that they designed for....to keep the sun off of the ice/plaza. With all of the designs being directly over the rink, it doesn't appear that there is enough offset to account for the angle of the sun, especially in the winter. The cover needs to sit closer to the river or the rink needs to sit closer to 1st street. In fact, on of the renderings shows the sun at 2pm (one in Nov & one in Dec) and there isn't much shade on the ice.