News 9-15-08 Downtown Construction

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Posted by: Justin - 9/15/2008 9:43:48 AM
Great pics Mike! Your photo skills have really gotten good in a short amount of time. What camera are you using? FWIW, I took some photos this weekend as well. They can be viewed here (must cut and paste link):

Posted by: Mike Van H - 9/15/2008 11:46:26 AM
Wow dude those pics are awesome! It's so great to see other parts of Reno. Can I repost these on my site using my rotating gallery format? I'll give you credit post a link to your forum post etc. Oh and the camera is a Canon Digital Rebel XSI digital SLR, 12 megapixels.

Posted by: Justin - 9/15/2008 3:17:19 PM
Yes, please feel free to use any of my pics you'd like. :) Keep up the great work!

Posted by: Sara Lee - 9/15/2008 8:53:22 PM
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Did they seriously paint over the original brick at the West Street Market with that terrible shade of red? So many better options, so few ways to screw it up that bad.

Posted by: Mike Van H - 9/16/2008 7:38:12 AM
Sara Lee! Great to see you back online, if you are the same Sara Lee that regularly posted on my site a year ago or so. They did not paint over original brick, trust me I would have FLIPPED if that were the case. The building was already painted a dark or medium gray before they painted over it. And I can tell you from owning an old brick house, and having friends who are trying to remove paint from their old brick homes, it's a next-to-impossible task of which the city could never afford the labor to remove the, better to repaint it than to try to remove the paint completely.

Posted by: Mike Van H - 9/16/2008 7:42:03 AM Here's a picture from my archive which shows the building was already painted a light gray/off white color. I like primary colors, and in my opinion the building looks better red than faded gray paint.

Posted by: Mark W. - 9/16/2008 8:21:10 AM
I'm pretty sure all the design renderings have shown a bright red facade at that corner since the get-go, Sara, and there's quite a bit more color on the way - brace yourself! I for one love it, and Mike's got a really good point about stripping painted brick - lots of time and lots of money have to go into an undertaking like that. I'm just glad the city has stayed so dedicated to this infill project.

Posted by: Craig M - 9/16/2008 8:32:34 PM
Keep up the great work Mike. My wife and I really appreciate it. We're down there all the time to check out the progress. We watched Moana plant some of those trees on the Sierra side of the Montage. Can't wait to see Ruth's Chris open up! We'll definitely splurge for one of those steaks. The trench cover looks great, can't wait to see the concrete poured over the beams. Downtown is really looking up.