News 12-1-08 Downtown Casinos

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Posted by: Bugsy - 12/2/2008 12:52:55 PM
Ive seen this web site before and it has interesting facts and great photos. I love the old retro style on the outdide of the old casinos. I think the redevelopment agency should bring back that look to the old buildings. Infact, bring back some of those old casinos. Im hoping that some of those old signage on those old casinos are the same ones they plan to display at the new west street market.

Posted by: Larry D - 12/2/2008 1:22:36 PM
Great thoughts there Mike, as usual. I guess I was disappointed to see the recent broadcast coverage focus on the lost jobs, and the regular patrons that were "surprised" by the Fitz's closing. Anyone who's been watching this story develop would know that the decision and announcement was made a few months ago, and that the Fitz's management (and L3) did more than anyone to help place those employees. I've heard that many of the employees didn't even go to the job fairs, but would rather opt for unemployment benefits until the market returns. Can't blame them - but you can't feel too badly if they had opportunities they wouldn't take, either. Today's story in the RGJ was much better though, and put all of those employment efforts back into the public's view. No one wants to close a casino now - especially right before the holidays. But this is business, and you can't blame the Fitz's management or L3 for "stopping the bleeding" of that property in our ongoing declining gaming market (and general recession). We just have to have faith that they'll do something really spectacular with that property and location - and seeing what they've done to other casino properties like the Montage, gives me hope for the future. Like everyone, we all feel badly that those folks lost their jobs - but they knew it was coming, and their bosses did A LOT more than anything required to help them find employment. That's more than anyone could really hope for in this economy.