News 12-6-08 West Street Market Opening Pictures

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Posted by: johnfree - 12/6/2008 8:52:12 PM
I love it also, and look forward to going there on a quiet Tuesday rather than an opening weekend, but ... 1. you gave no love to se7en, who was the only one of the four places actually ready to roll today that you chose not to mention and I thought their installation was at least as rad as anybody elses, probably more. 2. I also like the exposed beams, but the exposed crappy looking white insulation in the ceiling is not, IMO, so cool. 3. One stall per sex is not going to get it bathroom-wise. but overall, woohoo! it's finally here! jf

Posted by: DowntownMakeoverDude - 12/6/2008 10:09:47 PM
Sorry about no love to Se7en, it was sooooo crowded in there today I didnt even see Se7en or sign for it. Or maybe I did and didnt realize it was Se7en. Was it the bar area in the very back where Bistro Napa was? There were a couple of seemingly unmarked areas where I couldnt figure out what they were exactly. No worries I will be back there quite often and will hit up Se7en and give em some love, and get some tea! Ill get some not-so-crowded pictures of Se7en, the market and Earthly Delights, which was also so crowded I couldnt get any good pics.

Posted by: larry d - 12/7/2008 10:29:20 AM
Thanks for the link Mike! I was amazed at the market - such a great new development for downtown Reno now. We have to work hard to help those vendors stay alive during this economy, and encourage people to continue to shop and visit there well past the holidays. With help from sites like can make it work for everyone.

Posted by: Bugsy - 12/8/2008 1:59:55 PM
The West Street Market is looking good, but please tell me that there are going to be more construction to it. The plaza needs more work and Im hoping that they are sticking with the plans shown on the drawing plans especially the the sign that goes over the plaza. The little sign is nice but the one in the drawing is 1000 percent better.