News 3-16-07 Anderson Alaska

3/16//07 - DOWNTOWN ANDERSON MAKEOVER - I love reading stories about citizens getting involved in their government; as if you couldn't tell from this web site, I like to get involved, haha. Welcome to Anderson, Alaska. They have 90 degree summer days, -60 below winter days, breathtaking views of McKinley and the northern lights, and tons of land. High school students there were exploring ways to attract residents and entrepreneurs, and came up with idea of giving away free land. So they approached their city council with the idea, got it approved, and built a web site to attract new residents. Maybe they can get enough residents so they're high school basketball team won't have to be co-ed anymore. Perhaps our Council can do something similar with their ReTRAC land...if a developer signs a contract they will build something within two years, they can have the land for a buck. If they don't, the City snatches the land back.

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