News 3-28-07 Downtown Los Angeles Grocery Store

WE'RE NOT THE ONLY DOWNTOWN WITHOUT GROCERIES - Occasionally I check in with my hometown of Los Angeles to see what's going on in their downtown. And guess what? They are set to get their FIRST DOWNTOWN GROCERY STORE, set to open June 2007. That's right, with a central core population of roughly 30,000 and 14 established districts, downtown L.A. is getting a Ralphs, originally set to open in 2004 but riddled with controversy and rising construction costs, will open this year. I found 8 condo projects that touted the fact a Ralphs was about to open nearby as one of their key marketing points. I will have a more in depth look at Los Angeles later tonight, and the ordinances they enacted to spur unprecedented redevelopment in their downtown. Maybe we can learn something!

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Posted by: Bill Fine, Executive Director of Impact - 4/2/2007 8:54:48 AM
We are with you all the way on the need for a real grocery store downtown whether there is a "market" for it or not.