News - 3-31-07 Roller Derby on the Plaza

3/31/07 - BATTLE BORN DERBY DEMONS - A couple of weekends ago I took my parents out for dinner downtown at Silver Peak, and as we walked by the 10 North Virginia Plaza, we saw a group of women with skates and helmuts participating in roller derby. What a great way to utilize the Plaza. They are called the Battle Born Derby Demons, and they are in love with roller derby, and in love with the plaza, citing they love it more than the indoor rink. One of the girls, Royal Lush, told me there's a rumor City Council members saw them practicing and is interested in booking them as a summer event downtown on the plaza. So in a way, the plaza is a success even without the cover and retail building, because the public is using it, the City plans on using it weekly all summer. The retail building and canopy will be the deal-sealer for this property, and I firmly believe it will be one of the most-used properties both in the winter and summer. Can you imagine how packed the restaurant / cafe there would be during both the winter AND summer? That ice rink was packed nearly every night it wasn't below 28 degrees. And with cool events in the summer like the Reno Munipal Band, Art Town, Street Vibrations, Hot August Nights, roller hockey, and hopefully roller derby all scheduled and booked for the plaza in the summer, it is turning into the town plaza the City Council first envisioned.

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