News 4-4-07 Poll Results - Commercial Row Wins

4/4/07 - POLL RESULTS: With 60.92% of the vote, the majority of you picked "Revitalization of Commercial Row with pedestrian amenities, on the block where the Amtrak Station is." - Interesting choice, with 52 of the 87 people who voted selecting Commercial Row as one of the more essential areas to revitalize. A new poll is up!

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Posted by: Eric G. - 4/4/2007 11:01:24 AM
If the King's Inn isn't going to go condo, then why not turn that into a shopping mall with restaurants that have outdoor seating. And in front you have a nice big park, over the train trench. Any thoughts?

Posted by: Steve - 4/4/2007 6:49:17 PM
The trench covers are only proposed from West to Virginia. The Kings Inn block (from West to Arlington) is not proposed to be covered.