RTC Interlocal Agreement at Next City Council Meeting

by Mike Van Houten / Mar 8, 2024

In the upcoming March 13 Reno City Council meeting, one of the agenda items is 'D.2 - Public Works -  Staff Report (For Possible Action): Presentation, discussion, and direction to staff for the approval of the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) Fiscal Year (FY) 2025 Interlocal Cooperative Agreement authorizing the RTC Program of Projects within the City of Reno.    

In accordance with state laws, an Interlocal Cooperative Agreement (ICA) is needed to specify the responsibilities for delivering new projects located within the jurisdiction of the City and provide authorization for the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) to exercise the power of eminent domain, as necessary. The Fiscal Year (FY) 2025 projects include preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance, traffic signal intersection improvements, intelligent transportation system (ITS) traffic management, and roadway reconstruction.

In addition, there are four major projects included in the program to begin the design and/or
environmental process:

• West Fourth Street Safety Project

• Moya Boulevard Widening Project

• Sixth Street for All Project

• Downtown Reno Micromobility Project 

According to this graphic below, the three central Reno projects represent an over $70.5 million investment in infrastructure and street repair/reconfiguring/reconstruction for just 2025/2026 alone. 

With the design phases slated to start upon approval, if you weren't already aware, these are final routes chosen for the downtown micromobility project: 

You can find more details of each of the chosen downtown micromobility routes on this web site: https://downtownrenomicromobility.com/

I encourage you to explore the routes in detail, if you haven't already. This web site is fantastic, and outlines any parking space losses, removal of road elements to make the plan work (such as left turn lanes), and other essential goodies to learn about, for each route. If you live along these routes, or will be affected by them, it's important you be a part of this process and attend future public input meetings, which are mentioned in the scope of the design phase....for both positive and negative feedback. 

Part of the Sinclair/Lake Street/Evans route travels a block away from me, right through east MidTown, connecting up to the university. 

The web site includes full concepts, renderings for each multi-modal route. 



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