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2nd Street View
  • 2nd Street View
    Reno Aces ballpark in downtown Reno viewed from 2nd Street bridge over Truckee River. Peavine peak just over the stadium wall.
  • 2nd Street View
    Reno Aces ballpark as viewed from 2nd Street
  • Green Mesh
    Green steel mesh is now in place on top of the ballpark structure.
  • Green Steel Mesh
    Green steel mesh being installed at the Reno Aces Ballpark
  • Reno Aces stadium
    Reno Aces stadium
  • Reno Aces stadium
    Reno Aces stadium
  • Light
    The stadium lights
  • River path
    Looks like they may connect this river path soon.
  • Snacks!
    Undoubtedly a snack bar/beer acquisition center.
  • Rear of Stadium
    Rear of stadium
  • Ball Park
    Reno Aces ballpark as seen from 2nd Street.
  • Entrance Gates
    Entrance gates being installed.
  • Entrance
    Work continues on the canopy over the entrance to Park Center Tower. They were also doing some hardcore work in one of the elevator shafts inside as well.
  • Way up high
    Two construction workers atop the VIP entrance.
  • Plaza taking shape
    The plaza in front of the stadium is taking shape.
  • Front entrance
    Front entrance
  • Overview
    Great overview shot of the stadium
  • Grassy area
    Check out this area behind outfield. It looks great, fully landscaped. It looks like that may be a fountain of some kind about midway down the picture. I could be wrong though.
  • Grassy area
    The outfield picnic area is quite large.
  • Shop
    Reno Aces official merchandise shop.
  • Ticket windows!
    Ticket windows in place
  • Close up of tile texture
    Close up of plaza in front of the ballpark.
  • Close up of Tile
    Close up of tile in front of Ballpark.
  • VIP entrance gates
    Looking more and more like a ballpark!
  • Snack Bar
    The snack bar area peeking from behind the stadium.
  • Sod Check
    Sod check.
  • Reno Aces Sign
    Reno Aces Sign.
  • Green Mesh
    Working on the Green Mesh
  • Rear area of ballpark
    Rear area of ballpark

2nd Street View