The Beginnings of Amendment 21


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IMG 5306
  • IMG 5306
    Amendment 21 Sports Bar and Grill. I am liking the free wi-fi! This is in the BofA Building on Liberty and Virginia.
  • IMG 5309
    Amendment 21 Bar and Grill. They have nice new signs and a fresh paint job. Perhaps this place will break the dreaded Adele's curse.
  • Worldmark
    Ooooh World Mark by Wyndham. I peeked inside thier new offices, and they are nice! This is occupying the previously vacant cavernous space in the BofA Building on Liberty and Virginia. Also, in this same building, where a YMCA was supposed to go, an art gallery of some kind has moved in.
  • Bibo's!
    Also in the BofA Building is the new Bibo's going in. They have a sign up now of what it will look like. Very cool, modern industrial chic looking.
  • Bibos
    Another shot of the Bibo's going in downtown
  • Montage
    The Montage peeks above the Cinemark Theater building.
  • Stretchy Stuff
    Along 2nd Street, the Montage has this rubbery looking white stretch material covering the entire front along 2nd street.
  • Powerhouse Gym
    A new gym, Powerhouse Gym, is downtown, and apparently open already! Tucked underneath 210 North, this is a much needed addition downtown, and you can bet I will be joining it. As soon as I get motivated. LOL
  • Powerhouse Gym
  • First Street
    A cool urban shot of First Street
  • Bike Racks
    These new art racks are a bit different than the dogs. My two friends and I stood in front of them for a while trying to figure out if they were supposed to eb animals or just abstract. In any case it adds a splash of color to Downtown Reno.
  • Huh?
    Here's an interesting development. The sales office for Grant's Landing is gone. What in the heck are they doing over there?
  • Grants Landing
    Another shot ofthe missing sales office
  • Grant's Landing
    Yet at the same time, big dirt movers continue to arrange large boulders, and dirt. They have been doing this for over a month now.
  • Grant's Landing
    This bulldozer was pushing large rocks up against the wall/pile/whatever at Grant's Landing
  • Grant's Landing
  • Grant's Landing

IMG 5306