Townhomes at Holcomb Place Construction


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Townhouses at Holcomb Place
  • Townhouses at Holcomb Place
    Construction begins downtown on Townhouses at Holcomb Place
  • Townhouses at Holcomb Place
    More construction
  • Townhouses at Holcomb Place
  • Townhouses at Holcomb Place
  • Waterfront Tower
    This building will soon undergo a massive renovation to open back up the ground floor.
  • No More Nevada Inn
    This will soon be gone, the last remaining motel of the three that once lined 2nd Street. Soon, a new Hyatt will go here.
  • Riverview
    Looking down-river from the Auto Museum bike path, the view will be much nicer with a new Hyatt Summerfield lining the river.
  • Whoops
    This poor set of wavy colored lights on the AT&T Building are vandalized repeatedly. Too bad, too, because it's one of my favorite public art components.
  • Art
    The Fish bike rack by the Riverside got a new little Art Panel.
  • Kayakers
    Kayakers brave the Truckee.
  • To myself
    I had Wingifeld Park to myself today. Not a soul around.
  • Kayakers
    Kayakers on the Truckee River downtown Reno
  • Wingfield Park empty
    Wingfield Park looking very clean and bird poop! That was a pleasant surprise.
  • Wingfield Park
  • Wingfield Park
    Wingfield Park
  • Kayakers Leaving
  • Montage and Ross Manor
    Montage's top penthosue units looking more complete.
  • Bike Art
  • Montage Construction
    Construction on the pool deck
  • Montage
    Montage in downtown Reno
  • Montage Tower
    Montage Tower.
  • Montage Tower
    mmmm so urban looking. Additional decks installed on the Northwest corner.
  • Montage Tower
  • Montage Sierra side
    Soon a steakhosue will occupy this space
  • Community Assistance Center
    The arched roof of the new Community Assistance Center peaks up above the Freight House
  • Mountain View
    See this beautiful view corridor of the mountains? This is why we need to be careful with what kind of bridges we decide to replace the current ones.
  • Townhouses at Holcomb Place
  • Interesting Scene
    Here's something interesting....three giant moving vans surrounding the Stewart Title building on Holcomb and Ryland. Also, there were TONS of non-emergency fire vehicles around the building. Anyone know if this is where the administration portion of Fire Station #1 is going?

Townhouses at Holcomb Place