Montage Construction Photos


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Reno sign
  • Reno sign
    Welcome to downtown Reno!
  • Kayakers
    Kayakers enjoying a full Truckee River
  • Kayakers
    Kayakers in the more mellow southern channel.
  • Kayakers
    Kayakers enjoying the sun in downtown Reno
  • Happy dog!
    A happy dog
  • Kayakers
    Kayakers with Riverside in the background
  • Montage
    Montage windows
  • Montage stripped
    The north side of the Montage exposed with no plastic on. Quite a bit of interior metal work has been done.
  • Montage north side
    The north side of the Montage
  • New somethingrather?
    My memory is hazy as to what was here before, but all of a sudden this building looks refreshed with something new going in. This is across from the Montage on Arlington
  • Glass installed
    Some gigantic windows have been installed under what will be the North Acitivty Deck.
  • Glass installed
    Another closeup view of the glass installed on the Montage.
  • Lots of framing complete
    Quite a bit of interior framing has been completed on the north facing units (under the Activity Deck. I believe these are lofts, but don't quote me on that (Montage has floor plans on their site)
  • Steakhouse
    This is where the new Ruth Chris steakhouse is going, on the north-east corner of the building. I am guessing the large opening will be where giant glass windows will go.
  • Montage north side
    Another shot of Montage's north side
  • Steakhouse
    A shot of the future site of Ruth's Chris steakhouse.
  • North Side
    One last shot of the North Side
  • West Side of Montage
    Looking at the west side of the Montage in downtown Reno. This is along Sierra Street. Look at all the framing that's been done! These used to be cavernous spaces.
  • Frame work
    Close up view of the framework being done.
  • West Side Framework on Montage
    West side framework on Montage
  • Waaaaay up there
    Looking up the Sierra facing side of the building.
  • Pool deck, please!
    Pool terrace townhome, anyone? You can see the stepped-in top level of the terrace townhomes, which are actually pool deck-level so you can walk onto the pool deck.
  • Southwest Corner of Montage
    Southwest corner of the Montage
  • Yoda
    Yoda guards downtown Reno from the dark side of the force.
  • Nevada Inn goes bye bye
    Basin Street Properties wastes no time in demo-ing the last of the three weekly motels that once lined 2nd Street across from Fire Station#1 in downtown Reno
  • Nevada Inn
    Nevada Inn demo
  • Nevada Inn
    Nevada Inn demo
  • Nevada Inn
    Nevada Inn demo
  • Federal Courthouse
    Nice shot of the Federal Courthouse from Ryland

Reno sign