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Adaptive Re-use Stewart
  • Adaptive Re-use Stewart
    Here's a great example of an adaptive re-use project. This house was recently fully renovated into an office.
  • Brick Homes
    You will find a lot of old 1930s brick homes in the bungalow district of Wells Ave
  • Old Homes
    Another great example of the architecture and craftsmanship of these old brick homes.
  • Stewart Park
    A family enjoys an afternoon at Stewart Park, one of the district's primary parks.
  • Stewart Park
    Another shots of Stewart Park with the Federal Courthouse standing tall in the distance. This neighborhood is a short walk from downtown.
  • Adaptive-Reuse
    Another great example of an old structure renovated and re-used as a business on Wells Avenue
  • Wagon
    The antique store on Wells Ave, considered one of the better ones run by a long time local. This is where you go when you are on the hunt for parts to restore a house.
  • Taco Johns
    A new Taco Johns is coming! I think. This building is very rapidly being built right next to the old Taco Johns, so I am assuming it will be a new Taco Johns. Isn't it funky looking? I like it.
  • New Taco Johns on Wells
    New Taco Johns on Wells being constructed. Seemingly overnight they have the exterior finishes on, which includes faux brick, and brick adobe-looking pieces.
  • New Taco Johns
    New Taco Johns building
  • Taco Johns
    Taco Johns construction on Wells Avenue
  • New in-fill project
    This is a new infill project just east of Wells Avenue and Cheney Street; So new no one's living there yet. What are your thoughts? It represents the architectural style of the neighborhood fairly well; the pitched roofs match the house next door, uses several different faux finishes to mimic the multi-finish style of the surrounding homes.
  • In-fill project
    Infill Project
  • Cheney Alley Infill Project
    Cheney Alleyway infill project. Very unique architecture.
  • Cheney Alley Infill Project
    Cheney Alleyway infill project.
  • Alley Infill
    Alley infill project named 'Modern on Cheney'
  • Modern on Cheney
    Modern on Cheney Infill Project.
  • Blending Architecture
    Modern on Cheney pokes out from behind two old 1930's brick homes.
  • Yellow Door
    I love the door on this house - bright yellow. Strangely, it works well with the style of the home.
  • Mission Style
    A mission style bungalow in the distance, with a craftsman style brick home in the foreground.
  • Wells Avenue
  • Spring Blossoms
    Beautiful old home
  • Holcomb Avenue
    Holcomb Avenue.
  • Adaptive Reuse
    Adaptive Re-Use project renovated this old brick home on Holcomb.

Adaptive Re-use Stewart