Downtown Walk 5-17-07



All kinds of goodies on this walk....see/read below


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Posted by: richard Daniels - 5/28/2007 4:36:26 PM
What a bad job the landscapers (edited to remove landscaper firm name) did along 3rd street next to the trench. also Comercial Street. Dead plants, tree with no water dead. Also a nice place for the dogs to deficate, especially by the aptments at 3rd and Washington.

Posted by: Terry - 12/16/2009 10:21:13 AM
Great Pics!

Bridge to Amtrak
I can see a purpose for the pedestrian bridge going across the trench. It looks like they may use the original doors as the entrance to the station via the pedestrian bridge; the bridge lines up perfectly with the location of the double doors. That's a wide pedestrian bridge!

Isn't that attractive looking? It's now the 'Nameless Building'.

Ryder Homes
A Ryder Homes coming soon sign is now up at their other property (click here for Map). Now both properties look set to possibly be simultaneously developed with townhouses. By my count between the two properties about 8 homes and two large business buildings would most likely be on the chopping block. We can't really tell Ryder NOT to demolish them, it's their property after all and there aren't any regulations in place to protect those homes. I hope the new project brings out the Craftsman Bungalow character of the neighborhood.

Silver Peak downtown, extremely busy for a Thursday night.