Downtown Photo Update


A day downtown 6-4-07

Lots of goodies here, including continuing work on Longs Drugs even though the signs are still covered, roof on the Palladio finally, Montage, a peek in the lower floor of the 210 North building, and more.


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Posted by: Wiley_N_Reno - 6/5/2007 8:35:43 AM
Hans =chick magnet! heh heh. I wish they'd hurry up and get the North bank riverwalk section done next to the Palladio! I can only assume the Long's workers got sick of people banging on the door so they covered up signs.

Palladio Roof
Finally, the green roof of the Palladio starts to appear.

A portion of the new roof can be seen just below the American flag flying.

Longs Drugs
Here's something interesting, work on Longs Drugs drive-thru, while at the same time their signs mysteriously remain covered up.

lower floor of 210 North
Lower floor of the 210 North Building...I wonder how old that piano is in there.

Steel walls seem to be going up in what will either be the Lofts or the Rowhouses at the Montage, not sure which but they will have TALL ceilings.

More windows being installed, quite a few of them now.

One of my two dogs, Hans, my 9-month old 90 pound German Shepherd, plays in the Truckee River. Handsome yes? If anyone likes German Shepherds, I found the perfect breeder in Grass Valley; breeds them for temperament and health, not for show. At 10 months, and 2 sets of x-rays later, Hans is not at risk of future hip displacia (spelling?). To give you an idea, his grandfather is 13 years old (ancient for a German Shepherd) and walks freely with no limp or gate. Amazing!

See those guys in the two blue inflatables just to the right of the center of the image above? This one particular pool in the whitewater park is so perfectly designed, these two guys just floated around the perimeter of the pool in a constant circle without ever getting caught in the main current, and without any effort to keep their inflatables moving. Visitor tip: this pool has the ideal circular-motion current to lounge around in your inflatable.