Walgreens - Downtown Reno

Walgreens - Central stop for college kids, downtowners

Walgreens downtown Reno

It's not exactly a grocery store, but downtowners will tell you there's just something unique about tthis particular Walgreens. First thing you will notice when visiting is how the entire property feels like it sways when heavy traffic is on I-80...I've been told this is due to the traffic whooshing under the bridge and under Walgreens create air flows which cause the small vibrations.

Inside, you'll find weird quirky items, especially holiday decorations that no one else in town has. There's some food products, lots of bath products, and of course a pharmacy with a drive-thru.

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Posted by: Justin - 11/5/2007 10:10:07 AM
Not related to Walgreens, but I wasn't sure where to leave a comment. Does anyone know when the Longs will be open? It looks like they've been done with construction for at least 5-6 months now, yet there's no coming soon banner, and they have their signs covered up. I just can't believe they won't open without a gaming license. Is it really that important that they can't just open the place? Weird! I feel for the residents of this area because they really could use another market/pharmacy IMO.

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