The City of Reno is partnering with the American Planning Association (APA) and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to launch the Housing for the Next Generation Design Competition for community members, architects, and design professionals.

The competition is intended for teams to develop viable plans for Reno’s future housing market. Teams will consider various housing and design concepts, such as green alternatives, urban landscape, micro housing, and multi-use space.

The competition will award $4,000 for first place and $500 each for second and third places. Submitted plans will be reviewed and judged by representatives from the fields of architecture and planning and the Reno Arts and Culture Commission.

Contestants will produce a design plan of 8-10 residential units on a 1.63 acre lot located at 260 Winter Street (APN 011-640-05). The site sits against the south side of the railroad, presenting a unique challenge for designers to address. Two industrial buildings also occupy the site, giving designers the option to consider using the current building space in their plans or building after demolition. 

Judging criteria will focus on social health, design, and sustainability. Judges will be looking for each design concept to answer the following questions:

    How does the design contribute to a sense of neighborhood, connection to urban fabric, or sense of community?

    How does the design incorporate new ideas relative to architecture and design?

    How does the design include LEED practices, green technology, walkability, and access to transit, healthy food, and open space?

Plans can be submitted on a flash drive or CD. Every plan must include downloadable versions of the following:

    Written concept statement that does not exceed 1,000 words. This must include contestant name(s), address, email, and phone number.

    Site plan with North arrow, project boundaries, streets, and railroad.

    Colored building elevations (four exterior sides).

    Building floor plan (internal).

For contestant consideration, plans will be printed on 24” x 36” paper.

Materials should be sent to the following address:

Angela Fuss
1150 Corporate Blvd.
Reno, NV 89502

Questions can be directed to or 775-856-1150. The deadline to submit plans for the competition is May 18, 2015. The winning plans will be announced in mid-June. While several similar competitions have been held throughout the nation, some focusing on student housing for example, this competition is unique to Reno.