RUMOR: North half of Montage's retail spaces are in process of selling to dev group, and they have plans

by Mike Van Houten / May 17, 2024

I've heard from multiple sources that the entire north half of the Montage's retail spaces, located at 255 North Sierra Street, are in the process of selling (I guess the term is in escrow?) to a group, who, at least according to their web site, have plans in place for the spaces. 

These spaces have remained vacant since the building opened to the public in 2008. That's a looooong run of vacancy for a really nice building. 

That group, called Gung-Ho, have the north retail of the Montage listed on their web site as a project in progress. Their two other completed projects actually are just a couple of blocks from where I live, and both are very nice looking office renovations. The project sounds quite ambitious, its description stating 'the lower portion of a former high-rise casino-hotel is being remodeled to include premium office space, co-working offices, conference rooms, a kitchen and bar, a coffee shop and juice bar, wine storage with a tasting, socializing, and dining room with a fireplace, cigar storage with humidors and a smoking room with a fireplace, public self-storage units, and additional parking.'

Exciting! And that almost makes up for painting the building to look like a hospital. 

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