Two projects back from the grave? Plus clues as to 960 South Virginia's new tenants

by Mike Van Houten / Mar 20, 2024

Two projects thought to be dead, or at the very least, on the back burner, seem to both have some activity in terms of fire hydrant layout permits. A developer will typically get this permit when moving forward with a project or permit review. 

Pine Street Townhomes - After demolishing an entire block of homes on Pine Street and SInclair, this townhome project stalled out, and was privately shopped around as a package sale (land, project, plans, permits etc), but now a fire hydrant layout permit has appeared for the vacant lot, so maybe this project is moving ahead after all. 

420 Valley Road - The last project planned for this address was Print Shop Lofts, which was a cool 23-unit conversion project. Like many others, the project never got off the ground, but now a new fire hydrant layout permit for the property might provide a clue that either this project is back on the table or something new is coming to this spot. I also spy a fire supression permit as well

The former Junkee building at 960 South Virginia Street now has just one space left to lease out of six spaces. Currently, 5 spaces include 2 restaurants, 1 coffee shop, 1 bar, 1 hair salon. Last available space is 3,064 sqft.


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